Evelyn Coulson is a circus artist from New Zealand who is best known for her fiery red hair, bright smile and her movement style which blends powerful dynamic movements with a feminine flow. Evelyn started her training at the Wellington Circus Trust in New Zealand, where she was first inspired to follow this career path. She continues training with prestigious coaches while she is living in New Zealand, Montreal and across the globe throughout her travels . Evelyn is interested in all forms of movement, from gymnastics to martial arts, ballet to pilates and uses this knowledge to weave and blend different styles together, creating her own unique expression through movement.

Originally on a different career path, with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Applied Statistics, life took a bit of a twist when she caught the performance bug with her first professional performance at the Wellington Fringe Festival in 2013, performing on an invented circus apparatus – a Hills Hoist washing line. Since then she has been training around the world and performing in stage shows, festivals and for local communities throughout New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Central America.

Evelyn believes that the most unique and progressive creations can be found at the intersection of different worlds. Where aerials meets object manipulation, where psychology meets circus or movement meets humanitarian work. That is where the biggest impact and most powerful changes happen and Evelyn puts this philosophy into practice in her artistic projects.


Using all her strengths to her advantage, she creates something unique and beautiful, wherever she is, in whatever she is doing.

Videography by Dane Rhys Photography and photos by Amandala Photography and Dane Rhys Photography